Paul Ladnier

Paul Ladnier maintains a working studio at CoRK Arts District in the Riverside area of Jacksonville, Florida. CoRK is a large warehouse complex that houses work spaces of over 70 artists in just about every discipline imaginable. CoRK is not open to the public on a daily basis with the exception of gallery openings and public events, but studio visits are available by appointment.

If you are interested in scheduling a visit, have questions about purchasing artwork or would like to inquire about teaching engagements, please fill out the contact form below.

From the artist:

I have had a lifelong passion for painting and painting process, which plays a major role in my work as it reinforces the world I paint. I believe that paint should reveal but not conceal the meaning of a work. Process should accentuate and contribute to the message and relay the passion and soul of the artist.

My inspirations come from years of studying the works of Sargent, Sorolla, Mancini, Fechin, the Barbizon School, the Renaissance masters and the Impressionists. Landscape and figure painting are my passions. Deliberate drawing, brushstrokes and marks, impasto, scratches, splatters, drips and multiple layers are all part of this process. In addition to the viewer examining my work from a distance, I want them to look closely…to explore the marks and layers of paint, which may sometimes reveal other aspects like original marks, multiple revisions, compositional changes and unexpected color and drawing. My paintings are personal interpretations of the subject, developed with emphasis on drawing, color, balance, harmony and arrangement of everything necessary to convey the message of a painting.

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CoRK Arts District

2689 Rosselle Street, Jacksonville, Florida, 32204